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Contextual Lists

Hi I how do contextual lists work?

I am using prem lists for my T1 project and I want to build only contextual links, but I am not using GSA to scrape targets, therefore how does it know what is a contextual  link in this instance?




  • shaunshaun
    Are you wanting to use your premium list and scrape at the same time?

    Contextuals are usually some of the engines from the articles, social network and wiki platforms but you are able to convert the platform engines and some forums into contextual with this method.
  • To be honest I  don't know if I want to or not lol. I am trying to learn everything I can about the settings and how they work to tailor my SEO campaigns.  I used to manually write and post articles, pdfs, vids, comments etc. 

    Moving towards automation is a big shift for me and quite a learning curve!

    Here is picture of my  keyword settings:

    This is for my T1 project and I am using these guys: with my targets being pullled from the "contextual targets"

    Here are my target engines, but I am unsure of how the links can be contextual because I am using a list and not scraped targets.


  • shaunshaun
    Don't forget your type of backlinks settings in the project options tab either.

  • I've got them all selected lol - should I not? Should I only have the "type" of links that I want created ticked?
  • shaunshaun
    Some engines like buddypress create articles, profiles and microblogs. Micro blogs are usually no follow and profiles have little to no text unless doing what I linked earlyer.
  • Ah right I see, so within each engine, it can also create multiple link types!

    Can you shed some light on the contextual link question mate? Still confused about it. When I am referring to contextual links I mean how do I post to niche relevant blogs?

    BTW your article using the marco is a great idea @shaun!!!!

    If you don't already use it, you should check out SEO Tools for Excel

    Great plugin, you can always find a use for it.
  • shaunshaun
    I have had a few people mention it but I Haven't had a chance to check it out yet but I will put it on my list.

    Personally, I don't use niche specific lists for SER, to my knowledge there is no real reason to do it for contextual targets either. For example say a domain has 1000 pages, 1 is about your niche so you get a hit, SER makes the submission so the domain has 1001 pages with 2 about your niche.

    Niche relevant scraping is more about blog and image comments in my opinion. You set your keywords up to go off and search for pages on platforms that let you leave a comment. The page had your keyword on it has been left to age in by its author and then SER leaves a comment for you on a niche relevant page that has been there a while.

    I have had some success using this method to find unspammed higher quality pages but it is still now 100% and it expensive. One extra step I do now when trying this stuff is to set off a project pointing to a fake niche relevant URL rather than my own. I manually check the verified URLs it gets and then set up the real project for my URL and load it only with the manually checked targets from the first project.

    In my eyes thats too much for for this type of stuff though so I stopped doing it.

  • Niche relevancy is not something with GSA SER. Nowadays I do not care about the quality of GSA links.Use SER links as pushup ties with your project. No matter what you need strong links to get ranked.Big guys like TK keep saying and testing relevancy is not something yet to concern. Even with PBNs. Haven't you had success with PBN links? However, when checking their profiles, they are different niche :D 
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