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[OMG] WiFi Threads Relationship

Hey budds

I had ethernet cables but two broke (i have a laptop and move often so they broke quickly)

Now My net speed is  

which is not that bad.

but i cant run GSA SER on more than 70 threads. or 40 and other things like youtube music+zennoposter on 1 thread

Or it will disconnect.

WHy is that? Is it typical for my net speed to not be able to run more than 70 threads?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @nullhyphenhack - I'm not that knowledgeable with networking but are you running a router? If so, it's possibly the limitation could be with the router.
  • @s4nt0s Oh I see. once  read ur reply i went for further reading and changed ipv4 and ipv6 addresses to google dns. Didnt work (even tho google and yt loads faster now) and set a 1498 MTU size instead of Auto in router settings panel (i think auto was 1500 but not sure). shockinly that changed things a lot as I run now on 200 threads and it doesnt disconnect me LOL. While before it sometimes dced me at 60 threads (up to 90).

    before i changed MTU it kicked me from wifi 10 sec after changing for 200 threads. now i run on 200 for 20min and its fine.

    thank u buddy! :)
  • Now internet doesnt Disconnect, however even when running gsa on 90 threads and loading pages fast, ZennoPoster seems to lose some packets. not sure if its just zenno or not. when i have gsa turned off, Zenno does finishes project within 3 minutes, when i have gsa ON it takes like 6-20 minutes (usually on recaptcha). possibly the captcha is solved by 3rd party company, send to me (i see it on site it was solved correctly), but its not picked up by me device because of the workload. well seems my net is just bad
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