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CustomGram - Instagram Accounts With Real Followers For Sale ★★Multiple Niches★★

Hello GSA members,

I am happy to introduce a new service here on the GSA forums, CustomGram.  CustomGram specializes in growing social media accounts with REAL followers thru organic methods and then offering these accounts for sale.  We currently have a variety of Instagram accounts in stock across many different niches.  All of the accounts are 100% real with real followers and real engagement.

Below are the accounts available for sale:

CHECK HERE For The Latest Updates On Accounts

Things You Should Know

  • All of the followers on these accounts are 100% real, no bots or fake followers.
  • These accounts were grown using the follow/unfollow automation method and by posting daily with relevant hashtags.
  • The value of the accounts are constantly increasing as they grow larger each day which increases the cost of the account(s).  See the link above for the latest followers count and prices.
  • All of the accounts come with the original email.
  • All of the accounts were "grown" using HQ US based proxies, 1 proxy per account.
  • Accounts are HQ and were never banned.
  • All accounts are fully managed by CustomGram from the very beginning.
  • All accounts have daily regular engagement from their followers.
  • No spam or monetization was ever done with these accounts, they are fully ready to be utilized for your unique purposes.
  • All accounts have daily unique postings relevant to their niche.


  • Payments will be made through paypal(verified paypal users only) or Bitcoin.
  • Once you are ready to purchase, contact us via Skype so we can ensure this process takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Send us 50% upfront and we will send you the username/pass
  • After you have logged in, send us the other 50% and we will send you the OG email and password
  • Once the transaction is complete, i highly suggest changing the account and email password, as well as adding your own phone number.

Refund Policy

If an account gets banned instantly after the first login & we cannot fix it ourselves(very rare), we will refund 100% the cost of the account.


Skype - CustomGram
Email -
PM me here or post in this thread and I will respond asap :)

We will be growing accounts and selling them here on a regular basis, check back from time to time for new accounts from a multitude of different niches!

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