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hey @sven could you put a option to select the logs Per Project or Global, i want to see some specific projects Logs but my global is going too fast and i don't know if there is a problem with 1 project, i need to stop global scroll and start looking to 1 specific project logs to find out if there is a problem, but if i have a single project log option this could be more easy and fast to determine any issue.


  • Doesn't the debugger have a sort by project option? Perhaps that would help in the mean time.
  • mmmm, where is the debugger?
  • Global options -> advanced-> check box for run in debugger mode.
  • OH ok, but i don't want to see the debugger i want to see the log, my main concern is if i need to add or change keywords or Search engines on one project and i can know that info when i see in the logs 000/010 urls ... blah etc..., 

    if i can filter by project and i see one project only have 000/100  000/250  000/10 etc.. i will know that i need to modify search engines or keywords on that project.
  • It isn't the solution you are looking for but you could always pause all other projects and let the one you need to check out run on its own for 10 mins or so...
  • @brumnick that could be a solution, but pause all projects just to check one? mmm me don't like.
    I believe logs per project its very easy to implement its just a single filter on logs screen. @sven can do this easily 
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