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Can u maybe add this one?

Can u maybe help me to solve this captha?
if u press  f5 u can get more of them.

I will buy a working solver for me. If u can help me i think gsa cb would be my choice.

Ty for your help


  • sry if im in wrong forum :/
  • SvenSven
    right forum, I will try to add it on next update.
  • how long it can take? ty allrdy
  • SvenSven
    already added it with 60+ % success rate. As Im really sick lately, laying in bed, it has to wait till im back in office.
  • i hope u are ok. but i would need it pretty fast. ty for the hard work.
  • SvenSven
    import the file below using right click on captcha window->import->...
  • neoduckneoneoduckneo germany
    edited June 2017
    ty <3
    i need on this ones. this lines makes it rlly hard for me to bruteforce. I have added some samples with the right filenames.

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