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GSA Standalone Target Scraper

I know there are other scrapers out on the market but many of them not updated. Would be nice to have ab GSA software to scrape Targets on highspeed to create own lists. I own Gscaper and others but is never working with the big G... there is no captcha option integration like GSA have.

Some features would be nice: Scraping by language/country /proxy compatible to GSA proxy scraper captcha integration to break the G... request by scaping targets + all other major searchengines. Delate dublicate urls by scraping!


  • @puntoGT ;

    How reliable Gscraper now ? Do you use with their proxy service ?

    Used to scrape Gscraper with proxygo and it's dead. Even proxygo stopped due to shady things.Yes would have a nice sale if @Sven releases a GSA scraper :
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    @jhonnyshadow :

    I have used the Gscaper with there proxies service from Gscraper and with other proxies from GSA proxy scraper import per file

    result: The Gscaper service Is not work faster than with GSA proxy scraper same in scraping by BING and Yahoo. The speed goes up to 22000 average speed per minute mostly more then 10000.

    I own GSA Proxy scraper and test all proxies to the search engine i used to scrape (example BING)

    costs: If you own GSA proxy scraper safe a lot money over the year

    The next thing remove duplicate urls at scraping is an Gscraper feature what works only with there proxy service.

    worst: If you scrape the main search engine Google is ablolutly sucks! very slow and low results, i think this is from the captcha request Google made if you are human or pot.

    So this is an reason to made a modern standalone target scraper for GSA with captcha service and all features GSA is updated. That piece of software can work on external vps with export feature to platfom identifier to build your own list and so on.


  • @Sven ;This is something you should consider ')   Big bucks huh :P
  • Doesnt the GSA Proxy Scraper have an url scraping module?
  • edited June 2017
    cherub The Proxy Scraper has an Search Engine Parser modul.

    What the scraper needed is more options
    1 x to submit Keywords (Bigger files also allowed) like Gscraper does
    1 x to submit Footprints from GSA or other files (I use footprint factory)

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