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Select LINK URLs containing entries from file - GSA SER

TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
edited June 2017 in Feature Requests
Hi @Sven,

I'm culling a bunch of verified URLs by removing those which Link URLs are dead. It would be nice to have a feature in the verified URLs window to select those URLs or LINK URLs that are containing or not containing entries from a file.

Is this possible somehow?


  • SvenSven
    options->advanced->tools->Remove from URL List
  • I wasn't aware of that tool thanks but it only removes the URLs from a site list.

    I would like to remove verified URLs only from one project.

    I try to explain what I'm trying to do:
    1. I built links with a project: Tier1
    2. I built a tier to this project: Tier2
    3. I cleaned the Tier1 links and saved them to a file.
    4. I try to remove all verified links from Tier2 which points to a dead Tier1 before I send them to an indexer.

    I would like to have a right click option in the "project>show verified URLs" window to select all verified links that LINK URL contains entries from a file.

    This would allow me to select only those verified URLs in the Tier2 project which are pointing to a live Tier1 link.

  • SvenSven
    thats already possible. In that dialog showing the verified urls, right click ->select->URLS being in file
  • You are good! Thanks!
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