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bug upload articles


I'm trying to add the articles in a new campaign, but in the list of articles does not appear the name of the articles.

In addition to not appearing the name of the articles, it still carries very slow, a list of 30 articles is taking more than 1 hour to load.

It is worth mentioning that all campaigns are stopped to maximize this task, but still very slow.

Use dedicated Xeon E5-1245v2 server with SSD disk.

Does anyone know how to optimize this load time?


Allan Almeida


  • SvenSven
    sorry but I don't understand it really. Why you say the list of articles does not appear? You mean the article manager tab is not present? If so, make sure you select engines that actually use articles.

    Also that slow loading is odd, can you provide that import file in pm so I can debug it?
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