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How to combine gsa ser engine with GSA Platform Identifier

Hello, I am looking for tutorial how to combine gsa ser with GSA Platform Identifier to run at once. I need search by keyword from gsa ser engine and filter through GSA Platform Identifier. If this possible ?


  • shaunshaun
    My post on building your own auto accept list covers it.
  • Well, it didn`t recover direct scraping and posting from GSA SER. I need also know if it possible to avoid a scrapebox to build list, i need just few backlinks, thats all...
  • shaunshaun
    Sorry, miss read the last part of your first post. Although its been a while, to my knowledge, SER identifies as it scrapes via its footprints and scripts so I don't think it would be much use exporting to PI.

    If you are dead set on it then I guess you could tick your identified folders writer permissions and then run those files through PI.

    I have a post on building an auto accept list using just the GSA toolset too that maybe more helpful than my other post but it does not cover any PI usage as I have previously touched on, to me knowledge theres no point in using it if scraping with SER.
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