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Something to prevent anchor text mistake ruining everything

edited February 2013 in Feature Requests

So today i was using the social networking to make blogs but it seems i put in the anchor text 404 anchors like this by mistake


So all my submissions where ruined as it just posted one massive anchor each time for every single one.

It would be good if a mistake like this was made so that it automatically converts anchor,1,anchor2, to spintax or gives you a warning if your anchor text is huge (bigger than your actualy artcle).. 


also any ideas how to reverse my submissions with the 400 word anchor texts?


  • ronron

    The best advice I could give you or anybody reading this is to always, always, always, hit the the test button to see what you created.

    I never, never, never unleash a project until I see what SER produces in test (preview) mode.

    Always import the list into anchors. Don't paste.

  • SvenSven
    next version will auto correct this.
  • why worry: you did a great job of "anchor text" diversification ;-)
  • ^^^ one way to look at it, or alternatively the biggest footprint of a spammer possible!  [-O<
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