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My VPS is stating out of memory

I have 12GB Memory VPS and running a lot of threads and when GSA gets to 2.2 GB of memory in the little window it will state out of memory.  I know I can run the scheduler and I have also optimize with do follow links only. 

My question is should I get another VPS and down grade this VPS to one with less memory and run two copies?  It seems to me that GSA is tapped out at point which is fine I get it. I just need to know how much memory is the most cost effective to run with GSA so I can buy more VPS's and copies of GSA and be able to budget for it.



  • Forthe300 

    GSA SER is a 32bit soft. it can get max of 2gb.   no matter how much enough free space you get it uses 2gb.  you can use rest of memory for other tools..gsa cb... for system etc.

    Yes you can buy a vps and ser. 

    but you can more clarify questions may not needed.

    ask yourself 

    how many threads are you using 
    how many projects 
    how many articles per each project 
    do you let ser to scrape or do you use a list 

    if you are using vps for gsa ser and gsa cb  you can have 8gb ram and it helps to lower your budget

    using a pre verified list you can cutdown wasting resources and also give a good time out 180 - 240,.

    never increase more than 800 threads and its a sick 
  • You answered it perfect!  I push it to it's limits so I build as many projects as it can handle with around 800 threads and use it for CB also.  I will monitor the Memory usage to see how much the rest of the programs are using.  Have you had an luck with process speed being higher or with the limit to memory does it really matter.  Thanks again.
  • Forthe300 
    Your welcome. Also you don't use ' automatically verify. you can do it manually or give it a time ..1440mins or so. 

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