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Suggestion : Identify/Verify/Submit/Failed/Other Folder

For each project I have separate folder, For that folder GSAPI pushing links. For particular project if I get particularly links from the folder its very useful. If you add this future it's very useful.
Identify/verify/submit/failed/other folder


  • shaunshaun
    This would be a nice feature actually and allow a bunch of more options when filtering/building lists.
  • SvenSven
    but that "other folder" would should be holding any kind of text files with urls in it, not structured as the site lists folder?
  • shaunshaun
    My thinking is along these lines.

    Identified - Premium List 1
    Submitted - Premium List 2
    Verified - Filtered Contextuals from List 1 + 2
    Failed - Filtered Non-Contextuals from List 1 + 2

    New folder 1 - Manually scraped high-quality Contextuals with human solved captchas and metrics.
    New folder 2 - Manually scraped high-quality Non-Contextuals with human solved captchas and metrics.

    Although I don't use niche specific lists with SER I have seen a few people mention they scrape niche specific stuff so it could help them with having a specific folder for the targets of each niche. Their projects could then pull directly from there rather than being loaded from file.

    My initial thought on this before seeing the folder suggestion was to have a load from file setting in the screenshot below. Rather than the initial load target URLs from file SER would automatically recheck the file set in the screenshot below to pull new targets from it as and when the user adds them.

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