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Best recaptcha (software) solving servicce

Hi guys, I was wondering if any one can recommend a recaptcha software (SAAS) solving service? any good ones?


  • best is 2captcha. You won't leave once you had. they are in bst
  • thanks @nthira im already using 2captcha for manual. was wondering if there is a good software solving service?
  • Don't think any software will have a high accuracy as any of these captcha solvers. You must be asking this since a software will be a lot cheaper. 
  • @hawkeye yeah i am. using 2captcha for t1 and wanting to use software (with lower accuracy for t2)
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    Try out 1Captchas. ( We support both classic Recaptcha Street Signs and Recaptcha2 puzzles.

    While our solve rate might not be 100%, we also charge around 0.001% of what 2Captchas and other paid/human powered services do - so its pretty easy to make up the difference by just cranking retrys up a little bit.

    PS: Sorry for the shameless plug! If I knew of any other non-human powered services I'd drop them here as well; but its pretty much us, or paying $1-$3 per 1,000 with 2Captchas or Antigate
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    hawkeye world

    theres no sw for recapatcha. only human software as a services . 

    go for 2captcha you will thank me later. 
  • captchatronix claims to be able to do it
  • hardcorenuker,I was looking through all the CAPTCHA providers currently available. I had bad experiences with software. They have low accuracy and I had to change them immediately. They are waste of money.
    2captchas are expensive. I had someone from Imagetyperz contact me and offered to try their service. I am using their APIs now. Let's see how it goes.

  • @hawkeye to be honest i have the same problem. looks like seo is going to be a lot more expensive. prob going to focus on blog network
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