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Does google producing wrong result.

I did SEO for TWO websites….

For same regional virgin domains..
Same hosting panel..
Keyword which as same volume/competitor level

"seo in australia" 100-1k Medium
"aviation auditor training" 100-1k Medium

Show average monthly searches for 12 months
Everything is same result is totally different

"aviation auditor training" for this keyword it came to 3rd page

But for keyword "seo in australia" is there in 200 page

What is the reason behind this variation, Does google producing wrong result, Is there any other thing more then this to be studied by me.


  • VMart

    how did you check your competition? before comes to conclusion you should understand your mistake 

    least how did it looks like when compares with ahrefs / semrush ? 

    local seo keywords are nowdays hard competition.

    according to gooroo theres massive shock on google.  not a good time for testing ;) 
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