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Rankerx + GSA

Hello guys,
I am trying to learn how to use rankerx and gsa properly.
I am about to carry out some tests to find out what works best however there are so many variables that simple make me confused.
Can someone shed some light on the following matters?
1. Is there any significant difference in terms of link power between premium profiles and social networks in rankerx? Social networks like tumblr are fresh new subdomains so is it actually worth building in order to pass link juice?
2. If rankerx is used as T2, how many profiles/social networks is a good number to create in order to power up 1 PBN link? And then how many GSA links would be a good number to power up T2 link?
3. Is some random scrapped content + wordai spin a good way to create articles for rankerx?
4. Is there any significant difference between social networks with a couple of posts (2-4) without a link than a social network with just 1 article in it containing link and no other posts?

thank you


  • GregjamesGregjames Netherlands
    Money Site - PBN Links and Web2.0 manual or outsource this mess 
    T1 - GSA SER links with contextual buy serverifiedlists and you got thousands better backlinks along with gsa ser 

    copy paste some quality content to spinrewriter its cheaper 

    i always do with all linking building purposes including my kitchesinks. its always good to have few posts without links with your profile. no doubt 

    wait for ranking. my experince new site 2 - 4 months 

  • @Gregjames

    How many ser contextuals do you send at the manual web 2.0s?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @melaton - my advice is don't overthink it and just start testing. That said, here are my opinions on the questions you asked:

    1a. Sort of. Contextual pages tend to index way better than non-contextual pages. Almost all of the social network platforms create contextual pages, while many of the profile platforms just create a blank page with a link. I did a couple test runs with RankerX, looked over the results, and created my own list by excluding platforms that were nofollow (many are mislabeled as dofollow), created a redirect link of some kind, or were not contextual links. After this filtering I don't feel like there's any significant difference between the social networks and profiles that remain, though I haven't measured indexing rates yet.

    1b. Yes, it's worth it.

    2. I would do one run with RankerX, then follow the guide @shaun for using SER. You can always do a second, third, etc run with RankerX if necessary.

    3. In my experience it works fine. Your biggest risk in doing it that way is moderators taking down your content.

    4. I haven't seen a difference, again I think the biggest benefit is lower risk of moderators deleting your account for spamming.
  • If you are complicated just outsource web2.0 and build 2nd tier backlinks with ser. you can pump up ser with contextuals. 
  • GregjamesGregjames Netherlands

    it depends. if i build 200 web 2.0s i build 500+ contextuals to web 2.0 only verifieds.actually i am testing this. i am having much sucess along ser with cpa niches. for amazon more time and more contextuals. 

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