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GSA SER v11.89 detected as a virus on my PC

aanwebaanweb in toilet :D
Hi @Sven
I just updated my GSA-SER with the last version but it was detected as a virus on my PC
FYI, I use free Avira. can You fix it?



  • SvenSven
    The only one who should fix this is AVIRA. It's no longer a good idea actually to use anti virus program (maybe never had been).

    See log of the scan here:

    The program was never infects, though those stupid anti virus tools (AVIRA in detail) always seem to get their signatures wrong and treat normal tools as viruses.

    I can probably recompile it again and you will see it come up clean or other anti virus scanners will then detect something wrong. If a tool just relays on signatures from the entry point as many do, it is simply no longer working. They refuse to add proper support for the TAGENT system as most major scanners do so you either better get another scanner or simply skip this and just watch where/how you surf and what you click.
  • SvenSven
    Just recompiled, uploaded and see now...all clean. So what does that tell us about anti virus programs, at least AVIRA? If someone really want to infect you, it will be possible with some recompilations and tricks on entry point and packers/crypters. Done!

    Just stop trusting your anti virus program.

    New log:
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