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GSA + WEB20 to build powerful PBNs

Hello, does anyone have some advice for me on how to use GSA tool and webs20 in order to build powerful PBNs?
What sort of link building strategy should I take? on which tier should I use GSA and build web20?
Or maybe there is some good tutorial on this topic somewhere here already?

Thank you guys


  • also want know more about this hope one can talk more.
  • melaton 

    I have built niche related web 2.0 last year and it works now. 

    what i did 

    build manual web 2.0 myself using firefox with buyproxies addon (proxy) 
    emails purchased on fiverr + build my self 
    also create web 2.0 bulk with my web 2.0 poster (you can buy at bbhf)
    then GSA SER backlinks 

    thats all. In basic its 2 tiers. 

    each web 2.0 has over 20 articles (dripfeed) they are readable but generated with PLR

    Now i am on spot 1 for some keywords and main keyword in 4th position 1st page google. 

    i am going to build a step by step guide for this once i create my whitehat seo website.

    plan for next week.
  • @seomaker thanks for your shares, if you post your guide pm me your guide post link plz.
  • @seomaker

    thanks mate, makes sense
    however it must be really time consuming and almost impossible for somehow who manages a couple of moneysites and hundreds of PBNs
  • GregjamesGregjames Netherlands
    autmating is the key mate
  • melaton 

    no its not. most of us using tools like Rankerx , money robot or serengines.  its a worth shot.

  • Cosmetak

    It's always best to use SERengines than ranker x. It;s much hassle free. Web 2.0 combining gsa contextuals works great and i believe it's  50%+ half power as good pbn link. 
  • @melaton
    How many web 2 did you build at tier 1.
    What were the platforms used ?
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