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Force a URL through a script.

Evening guys,

This is probably one for Sven but my current understanding is SER will scan a page for a footprint, if it detects a footprint it will then push that page through the corresponding footprints script and see if it can get a submission/verification.

What I'm after is a way to force a batch of URLs through a specific script. They may have no footprints at all or footprints for other engines but I want a way to push them through a specific one to see if the script can get hits without there being a traditional or custom footprint for the specific engines.




  • SvenSven
    It's a bit different:

    If SER searches for new targets, it uses the footprints who are usually build of unique  visual text that is always found there. That footprint is not used for anything else than in search engines to search for it.

    Later if SER has a target URL it is identifying which engine that belongs to. But for that it is not using the footprint but the stuff you can find in the scripts with the lines "page must have" and "url must have". That lines can hold also non visual text that is unique the the engines, and you can define combinations for them.

    However if that is still not satisfying and you do not want to edit the scripts, you can do the following:

    Import the URLs to the projects in this format:


    The EngineName is case sensitive and must be exactly as the name of the script.
  • shaunshaun
    Perfect cheers mate :).
  • shaunshaun
    @sven one quick question, once I have pushed URLs through using this method will the verifieds be auto tagged with the engine in the verified .txt or do I need to make seperate .txts with the URL#EngineName format for them?
  • SvenSven
    in site lists they appear as plain URLs without the #EngineName. So once you do a CleanUp on that it will probably remove them.

    However in projects it stays as that, perfectly tagged as that engine.
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