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My Top 3 feature requests

Hello guys ! you do a great work, thank you alot !
i have a few ideas that i think will make the sofware even better

1. multi tasking while working, it would be great if i can verify links from a project and in the same time let ser work on the rest of the projects

2. auto verify or index check to projects

3. bind ips to specifiec projects like tmb-lr or other web2.0 so i wont get banned while multi post them

thank you guys


  • amoya

    1 and 2 already possible :/ isnt it :/  

  • amoyaamoya amoya

    how to do 1 and 2 ?
  • amoya 

    verify by right clicking on the project 
    2. you can do it in project's option 

    thats how i understood your question. Belive thats what you wanted to do 
  • amoyaamoya amoya
    golflover i know this... hehe

    but i mean in the request is for doing it automaticlly while the project is running...
    this will give auto verify and index check by your choise and you can see the reall progress of the links without stop it all the time and wait for it.

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Mine is for @Sven : Please allow us to delete ALL emails from ALL projects in one fell swoop. I want to replace all of mine, from like 250 projects.
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