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using on other pc

Hello, i buyed GSA Platform Identifier, few years ago and sucsessfuly using it on my home pc. Today i bought a vds server and i have a question. Can i use PI on my home pc and vds same time, or i need to buy another copy of software? Im asking becose i dont remember any hardware lock when i install PI on home pc.

Thx and have a good day.


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, you need to buy another license or make sure just one instance is running (VPS or PC) at the same time.
  • seodamageseodamage internetzzz
    Its ok. i just wondering i can swap home pc and vds, and have only 1 instastanse of program running? It solve my problem. But what if i accidently click at icon shortcut on desktop and immidiatly close it while another instance runing on vds?

    I mean if this happen on my other soft it just pops out a massage somthing like "do you want to swap your hardware lock". Its fine if i accidently do this, or i need to complete uninstall GSA PI from 1 pc?

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