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GSA Forum pagination is really good ?

edited May 2017 in Feature Requests
I am nilo and i am in forum 3years ago and i lost my email and username which unable to restore so after a long time i back to game and registered again in forum and guess what there's ton of new thing i love everything except pagination :(

i have slow internet and when i need to browse pages its little confusing., i know its good for seos and easy for fast internet. but we dont get it always.

i wish if theres option to browse pages as well :) 

@sven @s4nt0s

you guys awesome! 


  • SvenSven
    hmm I see your problem. There should be some mobile template...i will try to get that going.
  • @Sven

    Thank you :) have a great day 
  • jimmymlm 

    i hate scrolling part lol
  • hmm came here after few months. yes i like pages :)  @sven  btw we will get use to this 

  • GregjamesGregjames Netherlands
    im old school i am with OP lol 
    plus gsa forum is not much quality as well.  no information and seeing bunch of shitee affiliate sellers who suggesting their money making afifiliates in forum and traffic to their bloggers .missed old days 

  • SvenSven
    @Gregjames, so whats quality for you? This is after all a support forum for GSA products. All affiliate links are in the BuyTradeSell section and do not appear on the main screen...
  • GregjamesGregjames Netherlands

    i mean missing users like ozz ron 2take .... 

    i know forum made for support and it still does. and you are always  supportive for such one time product.  
  • SvenSven
    well thats normal, new people have it hard in SEO business...but I don't see any significant drop in quality. Sure there are people asking the same thing all the time or want to get spoon feet but you have that more than in old days anywhere.
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