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Recent updates with GSA SER stucks when running through verified list

Hello guys ,

I am running on GSA SER with dedicated vps from solidseo with 500 threads and 100 proxies. 

I was feeding verified lists with no problem and suddenly it starts to laggy /crash. It started to happen 11.83V and  its same even in 11.84V. 

before that happens i was getting decent lpm with paid list which i purchased from serverifiedlists.  Still i am getting decent  stable 400+ lpm but it stucks.. My CPU resources high as 100% 

i thought it was vps and i change to another and same happens. 

is anyone have 11.82V 

sad part is it works with raw / non undentified lists without any issues 


  • SvenSven
    with "stuck" you mean it freezes and continues later after that?
  • Sven

    yes exactly that's what happen.  Now it happens with my raw lists too. (after updated to lat@Sven

    when click start it stuck and seems it's going to jjump with huge performances and its getting stuck with 100% cpu@Sven

    no matter how many projects / threads i@Sven

    it doesn't happen in past versions. wonder its for me :( 
  • SvenSven
    did you recheck with a previous version ?
    Because I see nothing that could have influenced speed here with the latest changes I made. I also didn't hear back from customers complaining with this.
  • Sven

    Sorry i didn;t get time to update.  yes now it works fine. after .87 . 

    One question.

    Is there anyway to monitor a text file (except global lists) then we can use gsa pi text file directly to each project :) .

    anyway now its fixed. thanks. 

  • SvenSven
    you can export to <project name>.new_targets and the urls are used directly or simply use the site lists.
  • Sven

    knew it :) thank you for your all effort.

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