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What is different between web 2.0 BLOG creation and website article submission ?

I have create some web 2.0 BLOGs, all those DA above 40.
I have created user profile in other sites and drop my articles and their DA also 

above 40.

I read many SEO articles, in those expert recommend web 2.0 BLOG creation. For me it is very confusing, What DA is there for web 2.0 though I'm getting the same to article 


Why experts recommend web 2.0 BLOG's, and why they are asking to submit website articles in tier 2. What is differnet between both engines.


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    Web 2.0 Blogs are stand-alone sites; one offs. Think Tumblr, Blogger, sites like that.

    "Website Article Submission", is for *platforms*; types of website software. Think Wordpress, Article directorys, etc..

    Web 2.0 Sites are usually going to have higher metrics, because so many different blogs etc.. are hosted on a single, authorative domain.

    Article *platforms* are going to have varying metrics, since your talking about a nearly infinite number of different domains / websites that will be hosting your content.

    Hope this clears things up.


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    :) Thank U 1linklist 
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