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speed vpm

when it comes to running my gsa has a good vpm but after about a thousand links it start to slow a lot,then i cancel all url target from projects and the speed returns high,there is a way to avoid this slowdown without ever having to delete the target url?


  • shaunshaun
    Whats your schedules options settings in the project options tab? Also what platforms/engines are enabled on the projects?
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    hi shaun,now i use only 39 threads and when gsa starts run at 100vpm with 55 proxies(30 semidedicated and 25 backconnect),after run slow at 20vpm
    html timeout is 140;i use more engines article blog comment directory exploit forum guestbook indexer microblog rss and wiki
    what you mean?
  • shaunshaun
    edited May 2017

    This and also .....

    And how many URLs are set in the project as below....

  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    honestly shaun i dont fill this part and leave it blank
  • shaunshaun
    Thats probably why then. The tool is running optimally until it reaches the restrictions you have put on it in the project options tab then slows down.

    Depending on how you clear the projects URLs it may do something so the project thinks nothing has been built for that project so it starts over. I remember months back having something similar and it was because I didnt click the "per URL" box.

    If I was you I would duplicate the project, change its URL that it builds links for to a random made up one. Set its scheduled options to something like this....

    Then remove its submission restrictions.

    And set the project to active. See if the symptoms persist or not. At least it will give you data to fault find with.
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    hmm understand shaun i will do this now,thx you are always very kindly
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    now works very fast thx friend B)
  • shaunshaun
    No worries man :).
  • baccioalex 

    Which means you going to post same domain again and again : ? correct me if i am wrong <span>:smile:</span>
  • baccioalexbaccioalex rio de janeiro
    hi shaun thx much my gsa now run 130vpm without use anticaptcha,very good
    i use 50 proxies
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