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NoCaptcha support?

I noticed in the ChangeLog for v11.80 "- new: support for NoCaptcha using serengines v2 api"
Do we need a subscription to SEREngines for this? And is it possible to utilise this in our own engines? (whether it uses SERE or not)


  • SvenSven
    right now it's only part of SEREngines v2 api, sorry.
  • RE: the changelog for v11.87 "new: solving of ReCaptchaV2 when using 2captcha/rucaptcha as service"

    Does this need SEREngines too? If not, do we need to make any changes to engines to support it, or will the %captcha% var just take care of it all?

  • SvenSven
    thats working without serengines v2 and no changes are required to engines.
  • Great addition Sven! Will there be a manual solve option available too?
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