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Maximum size of a website to download, what this exacly mean?

So my question is. 
This is a only size of text html, or maybe size of html+pictures on website? 

Why in default settings is 1mb and so many people recommend to set it to even 50mb? 

Thx for answer


  • KaineKaine
    This is the total, html, scripts, pictures, videos ...
  • wiktorywiktory Warsaw
    Thanks for the information. Are you sure?
    Beacause, to submit some links, there is no need to download picutures. I guessing that GSA is not downloading the picutures.  
  • KaineKaine
    Normally not load css but i'm not Sven ;)
  • SvenSven
    It means the size in bytes of the html source starting from <html> tag down to the </html> one.
  • wiktorywiktory Warsaw
    Thx great.
    My conclusion is: 
    If you have html text size larger than, let's say 2mb, it is not normal and site is not worth to submit. 
  • SvenSven can even use 1mb here...if a source is beyond that size its probably spammed to death.
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