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GSA not working properly

Hello Everyone, 
I have GSA , Indexer, and Captcha Breaker License and I have activated successfully but GSA working not good :( can anyone help me please about this problem :( 
Best Regards


  • SvenSven
    Define "not good".
  • roisecseroisecse Dhaka,Bangladesh
    I have set up Project successfully but in 24 hours i will get only 12  verified backlinks :( I don't know why :( can you tell me please about this problem 
  • SvenSven
    without further details, no. I guess however that you use public proxies right?
  • roisecseroisecse Dhaka,Bangladesh
    yes all public proxies 
  • roisecse

    If you are serious in this game you should have a 

    VPS - Least 4gb ram (i prefer more cause you have few tools to run together )
    Private Proxies - least you need 50 otherwise you will tell again its not good very low lpm
    and catchall or emails 

    and if you want to run your copy like a crazy monster again you should have a handy verified list. 

    after everything you may again ask that your site is not getting rank anywhere :D  
    GSA SER is like a pencil :)  you can see what you draw ...

    hope you get that ;)

    wish you good luck
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