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How can I use SB to scrape links for my GSA

CyberCyber Dakovica
I'm pretty new at GSA , so I just managed my first project . I think I set up GSA to find websites for "blog comments" from my keywords (19k). But its really slow like 200 submited comments and only 5 verified . So I'm reading and reading and found out that I can use ScrapeBox to find Verified Links to post artlices.blogs, etc . Can anyone link me a tutorial on how can I do it? Also can anyone explain to me how do " Verified Links" work 


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    Hey Cyber,

    A verified link means that after submission, GSA ser found your backlink on the website/page you posted to.

    Basically, it means GSA has confirmed that there is a link on that page.

    As to how to Scrape linklists with scrapebox, there are to many tutorials to name on that.

    I'd check on Shauns blog - he has some great posts on building your own lists.

    And of course, you can check-out 1Linklist (We have a completely free, no rebill trial) for 10% of our daily list.



  • shaunshaun
    @1linklist cheers mate :).

    @Cyber those posts should explain it all for you :).
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