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I can't post more than 2k verified links/day

My GSA used to post 10k links/day, now i can build max 2k links/day. I scrape fresh lists with scrpapebox - still 2k/day, i extract others links from spammed to death blogs and questbooks , build huge linkslists and still can't post more than 2k verified links/day, i use public proxies from coolproxies service, why GSA is so slow? I need to build at least 10k verified links/day or even more, links can be low quality but i need a lot of them


  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    You should manage your resources.

    You can use SB for scrape - Then identify with PI - Post with GSA SER.

    you should build a good verified and cleaned list ...also make things faster with private proxies.

    No matter what footprits//keyword you use you will end up with least 50%  unknown targets....and SER will able to post maximum %30 of targets and you will end up %10 verifieds.

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