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Anchor/URL matching?

I know there will be an easy answer but I don't know it, sooo:

When creating a project, it gives you the backlink URL section and the Anchor section - these two don't match up, the results are there anyway of having:

URL1 > Anchor 1
URL2 > Anchor 2
and so on.

Currently it is random like this:

URL1 > Anchor 4
URL2 > Anchor 1

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    When editing the project you see the URL's and Anchor input fields on the first tab. Below the boxes you have the options on how to combine those two values. You need to choose "Same line".
  • @Sven I can't seem to export content with my links, when I preview them they are present, but once exported they aren't. I use Text (no spin) Title as First Line - insert images/links is checked. Struggling here, tried various variables 4x now since yesterday and getting same result.
  • SvenSven
    actually thats wanted. You need to export in other formats. However I will add a nother template on next update with html in it.
  • Oh, OK I'm posting to HTML sites in bulk and basically want txt files but ones that include the link. Thank you in advance for rolling out an update :)
  • Thanks @Sven speedy as always :)
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