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GSA SER: Remove from URL List - Verified List

Hello everyone,
I have a problem which I think you can help me with.
I am using a verified list for some time and now I have a problem because I am submitting links to a website which I do not want.
Which is the easiest and fastest way to remove the URL of this website from my verified list, please?
Thanks a lot,
I hope I was clear enough because it is hard to explain things sometimes



  • SvenSven
    maybe its easier to add that domain to the filter instead?
  • Just go to the Options/Filter and add the URL in there and i will not build links to it?
    PS. and if i want this only for let say contextual link only can i do that please?
    Thanks a lot

  • SvenSven
    either you add it their or per project in the filter options. However, only added, it will skip them all not just for certain link types.
  • Thanks a lot @Sven, what i meant is projects and not type of links sorry.
    Good so i just add it in a filter eadier just in a project or in all in the options.
    Thanks a lot

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