Dead Local Hard Drive Need to Install on VPS

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Hi guys hoping for some help here - my hard drive went kaput in the middle of the night and assuming that I can recover my data from (c:/users/***/appdata/roaming/GSA) is there something of a guide for reinstalling (both SER and CaptchaBreaker) but on a vps? 

- Do I start from scratch or do I migrate my directory (c:/users/***/appdata/roaming/GSA) to the new one?
- Since the computer is different how do I avoid paying for a brand new installation of SER and Captchabreaker?
- Is there any downside to starting all over again in case I can't get my data from failed hard drive?
- Is there a rule of thumb for amount of RAM needed for certain amount of campaigns?
- Anything else that I need to know?

Thanks guys


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