Command Line Options?

I know that these work:


Is it possible to do:


I tried with no success. Would be very nice for a couple reasons.

Are there any other options for managing SER from the CLI? Thanks in advance.


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    what should "-start" and "-stop" do? If you start SER with or without "-autostart" would do the same no!?
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    It would allow me to schedule it running via batch files so I can coordinate multiple programs on same servers for building tiered stacks between multiple systems.

    I can kill it now with -close and start it back up with -autostart but killing it via command line causes some reproduction of links.

    I assume it's something to do with the target URL and not saving the verifieds in real time. Stopping instead of closing would be much more effective.

    I'm not sure if it's hard to integrate? Thanks for the reply.
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    you can send messages to form1.handle. But that requires a program as you can not do that via batch i guess
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    If it's too much work, I understand. Will look for a workaround, thanks.
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