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article builder

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Anyone use AB? Am considering it. It looks very quick but I'm wondering if articles are unique enough? Also it doesn't cater for every niche so something like KM might work out better for me. Overall though I like the almost instant creation of articles with AB as time is not something I have a lot of.

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  • ronron
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    Save your money. Yes, it produces great articles, but you don't need that for SER to successfully rank your websites. I know because I have it and I don't use it anymore.

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    Ab is 297$ a year, and they cover a lot niches. You can create fast good spins and spin multiple articles together. The price is hefty if youre not a hardcore seo user. So i would recommend KM over this.
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    I have it also, but the thing that irks me to no end is that it only produces one type of article.

    It only creates superficial tips and tricks articles. The first paragraph it creates are good for social bookmarks.

    The integration to SER is clumsy in my experience, you still have to copy and paste.

    I got it for $197/year, btw.


  • I was an article builder subscriber for a year and it worked well. the articles are nice but they are not unique as the service gets used a TON. Jon adds more articles but I doubt it can keep up with the use.

    If you want content creation I would suggest the auto content writer. It is a one time fee and does a great job at producing readable unique content.
  • Thanks guys for your feedback, much appreciated! Anyone else feel free to chip in with your experience. I want something that's easy to use with SER. I notice it has built in AB facility. Has anyone tried this?

    I'll look at auto content writer as suggested by @theorbital and I know @ron you use KM so I'll look at that too
  • KM works really well for all your tools. I have both but have been using KM predominantly with SER.
  • Yes I see its $197 through senuke. I'm trialling it now. Thnx 4 feedback :)
  • What's a good indexing rate for articles in SER? I'm getting around 25%
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