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GSA Search Ranker and GSA Captcha Breaker


I've just started using both these tools, I've followed matt woodwards guide to setting up. however GSA SR isn't hitting GSA CB request a captcha break.
What's happening is, when I hit start on GSA SR, after a few seconds i'll be asked to solve a captcha and GSA CB has nothing in the it's log, which to me suggests that it's not been hit by GSA SR, asking for a solve.

I've hit "Test" in GSA SR and I get "Communication was successful." so it can see GSA CB. 

So any guidance on how to get this setup correctly will be very much appreciated. below are my current settings:





  • Nevermind I'm a dumb dumb! Although I had set the project options to "Ask all services to fill captchas" I must have changed it again at some point, switching that correctly back to "askk all services.." solved the issue.
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