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How To Import Ahrefs Backlinks List In GSA SER?


I used Ahrefs to check the backlinks and anchor texts from competitors and exported everything as a .csv.

After extracting the best links from the .csv I used Scrapebox to trim every URL to root domain and removed duplicate domains.
So now that I have a clean list of domains I tried adding them to GSA SER using: Options -> Advanced -> Tools -> Import URLs (identify platform and sort in)

It seems that GSA SER wasn't able to identify the platforms, so I tried GSA platform identifier (who was able to identify the links) and waited until the process was completed. I was able to import the file of GSA platform identifier had exported.

GSA SER needed some time to check all the URL's showed 351 / 362 where added.

The thing is, I get links from different websites who are not listed in the initial link list exporter by GSA platform identifier. Do I need to enable an option somewhere to ensure GSA SER will only use the links imported?


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