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Captch Breaker Server Error

hi @sven

When I query DBC I get Captcha resolved, but i get this error when pointing the API call to my server where CB runs:

What do I do wrong?


  • SvenSven
    i guess CB is not able to solve it?
  • I have set as backup..
  • SvenSven
    well what do you see in the log?
  • idk, can you tell me what to look out for, and where?
  • SvenSven
    i just tested all and it works as it should. how do you access your server with that API ? I used de-captcher API with IP and it worked fine as you see...
    i loaded a captcha that was solved by your 2captcha service and sent back to CB and then back to my SER.
  • my dev uses the DBC api. when sending to DBC it is being returned decaptcha'ed, but CB returns that error.
  • SvenSven
    well I see no issue in the API really, what exactly does your "coder" send?
  • He was using a third party plugin and switched the IP:PORT so it couldn't be the query.

    I found this setting that fixed the issue:
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  • myhqmyhq usa
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  • Hi, instead of opening new thread I'll just post here...

    After last update on SER or the one before... my DBC POST API stopped working. When I test the connection, it just says Error: unable to get balance.

    p.s. The Socket API works, but I really don't wanna use that, for some reason it gives me totally wrong solving data. If SER says it has sent 20 captchas to DBC, at DBC it might say that already 100 captchas solved and my balance just drains very fast. The POST API has been working really good until now, and the data has been in sync.

    - York
  • SvenSven
    @York so you add DBC POST API and don't get a success response when testing? Thats usually a block on DBC's server. The SOCKs API does not block you, just the POST one as far as I remember.

    The question however is now:
    a) why did they block you....ask them directly
    b) whats that different stats thing...anything on how I can reproduce this?
  • Ok @Sven will ask them if that's the case.

    Answer to that b) .. I have no clue. Like to day, when I actually realized the POST API was not working, I tried the Socket one, and it worked. After SER was telling me that 20 captchas had been sent to DBC, I checked DBC stats and they said I had already submitted 96 captchas. I have no clue why, or can you reproduce this. At DBC the stats are just way off compared to what SER shows me. With POST API there has never been any problems like this. Not sure what more to say about the Socket API really, don't know the technical details how they work or differ really.

    I think this might be because I actually run out of balance while my campaigns were still running :-) ...not sure but I'll ask DBC and let you know.
  • @Sven Not sure what it was, it works now. I think,... it might of being because I run out of budget, and DBC automatically blocked me for few hours or so,... because I kept banging on their API without balance B) ...anyways, I asked them also about reCaptcha v2 and they said they gonna release it in few weeks or so.

    - York

  • SvenSven
    thanks for the feedback. Glad you found a way to make it work.
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