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Help plz.."requiered variable url was not in form" error and blogspot

Hello guys !

I just bought GSA ranker to put my already existing backling list (5000 +) of high TF blog comments, guest book etc...

But unfortunetly, it doesnt work at all, like 150 links submitted for 10 verified...

1st Problem : 

When i check logs, i have a lot of "requiered variable url was not in form" on blog comments. It may be easy to solve that problem with just post my link in "comment area" but how ? I ticked "Try to always place an URL with anchor text in description/comment" in option but it still doesnt work.

2nd Problem : 

I have a lot of "match engine Blogspot" problem : It apparently requiere google account to complete the submission. But how can i configure that ? I have to create a google account for this task and stay logged ? Or there is an other solution ?

Does Captcha breaker will help me to put more backlinks ?

I need help, thx a lot guys.

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