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Email Verification is not working

rezaulkhanrezaulkhan Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hi, few hours ago I posted the same issue and I just clicked accepted in the answer button without resolving my problem. I followed your given instruction, still having the same problem. The email verification is not working. When I use my browser, it works but in gsa ser, during creating project, my email verification is not working. It tells all failed.

Pls help me.


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    Are you using proxies to connect?

    If so, try without them. Perhaps they are bad?

    Could be a number of other things to if the "Test" button is not working. I would double check your pop3 settings etc.

  • rezaulkhanrezaulkhan Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Yes, I am using 10 shared private proxies along with public.
    May I request you to have a look here through Team Viewer?

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