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A List Of Questions, If Anyone Can Answer Them, Thanks!

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In the captcha options within SER, I have my first captcha option being CB and the retry count at 6 and "use only if PR is" 0 - 10. Then I have my second captcha option as DeathByCaptcha and I have the "Use Only If PR Is" 4 - 10". I can careless to use DeathByCaptcha but I figured if it's a pr 4 or higher and it's still allowing me to try a new captcha after 6 times, then I might as well have DBC rock it for me, and the pr rule keeps down monthly costs on captcha.

Anyways, my question is:

1) Does that rule still apply? Since I can't make up that rule within CB itself, is it still following the rule within the captcha options I set in SER? I can have my second option within SER set to X service while I can have CB second option send to Y service... So which one does it follow? CB allows me to choose which service I can send it to if it fails, but I need to know if it's still trying 6 times and only sending to DBC if it's a pr 4 or higher. 

My other question is:

2) The new captcha counter feature on the bottom of SER between LPM and Mem, there is a line between the numbers and so it looks like this after a hour of it being on: "9733|0". My question is: What's the "0" for? When I first saw the feature, I figured one side was CB counter and the other was to a paid service, but it's always 0, so I'm not sure what it's for. 

3) When adding URLS and Anchor Links, I use the "Add URL + Anchor text"
option, and then I put the URL and then in the Anchor part I put the
spintax of the keywords that are for that URL only.

Well, my
point is, when I want to put in a token into an article (so it's
randomly puts my link within the article instead of at the end) can I
use: <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> and it will put a URL
and the keyword that I specified earlier in the URL + Anchor Link
field? Or will it pick a random URL and random keyword for that URL?

4) Last but not least, in SER version 5.11, it says we got a new engine "TBlogs" added, where is it? I haven't been able to find it anywhere. 

5) Wish I knew of a way to know when a project has ran through the keywords I put into it or through the content spin variations. I know we should just make habit of adding keywords, changing email and content every few days. But I keep imagining a "life bar" that's full and green when you add new stuff and goes down and turns red when it's low or gone through keywords and all content variations, ha, just an idea.

Thanks for your time guys!

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  • SvenSven

    1) SER is sending the captcha 6 times to CB if the captcha is different. Thats not always the case and than it is not sending it again since CB would not deliver an answer if it didn't before.

    Let's assume the image is different each time it is downloaded. Than it's send 6 times to CB, if it finds an answer, it is not send to the second captcha option in SER and also not to the captcha service defined in CB.

    If it doesn't find an answer after 6 tries, it is sent to the captcha service defined in CB. If that still fails (unlikely unless it's configured wrong or service id down or out of balance) it is sent to the second captcha service in SER.

    Let's assume the image is the same each time SER tries to download it. Than it is just sent once to CB. CB however thinks it is receiving another one from SER and will not send it to the captcha service defined in CB. SER now realize that after downloading the captcha a second time it is the same and is not sending it to CB as said before. Now it will send the captcha directly to captcha service 2 if defined.

    2) First number is captcha service 1, the other is captcha service 2. Though you are right, that second counter was not handled correctly :( Fixed it now.

    3) That <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> is the way to go yes!

    4) is in Web2.0

    5) such a thing is on the todo list ... not that easily to do and much more important things should get added first though.

  • I really like that feature #5 +1 for this.
  • +1 Feature #5

    Maybe also auto deleting duplicate keywords that have been run when adding the new list that replaces the old
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