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I just bought GSA content generator.
How do I direct export to GSA search engine ranker.
I have some other software that need articles, how do I open and save the articles as individual articles in a folder.
In other words , open the article file, select all the articles, copy. Then create a new folder  and then paste the individual articles in the new folder.
I would like to open the article file so I can get at the individual articles.

I put in a couple of keywords, clicked get similar then go.
WOW 3505 articles. amazing.


  • SvenSven
    well the EXPORT button should give you all possebilities to export things the way you want.
  • @Sven when l click export button, can´t find where the articles goes. l tested again export to Turbo Web 2.0 and when l click import can find any articles. Thanks
  • SvenSven
    @marvink1 so Turbo Web 2.0 works or not? Also do you have SER installed into a different folder maybe?
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