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utf8 encoding completely broken in URL slot

edited March 2017 in Bugs
Hello @sven,

When entering UTF8 encoding on the URL slot i.e. ist ein toller Ankertext für alle zu sehen

Will completely break the UTF8 code and make it into random characters.

This just happened with a recent update, and I just did like 100 links and all were broken... very frustrating.

To re-produce is simple.

Enter a UTF8 german anchor into the URL slot as mentioned above, press save, re-open the campaign and check the anchor.


  • SvenSven
    Im really sorry for this. I could reproduce the issue and indeed it was a change i made to the utf8 detection that was broken partly. I will put out an update in a second.
    However, this issue only applied when you edited a project, it did not influence untouched projects.
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