How to ranking long-tail keyword?

I want to ranking my login-tail keyword 
"best auto insurance companies in texas"

Please advice me best anchor setting
May I use exact this term or have to add synomous?


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    I'm more into not using kw anchors now, just optimise the page for lots of keywords (LSI content) and track rankings. If you find that it struggles, add a small % like 1% kw anchors. If all else fails buy SAPE lol
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    @JudderMan agree 100%. I am now into ranking by 'theme' rather than specific KW. Maybe I don't rank as highly for my target kw, but I now believe it is better to rank across a kw cloud any way. Focusing on kw marketing is pretty risky these days imo.
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    @viking yup, going through the tedious task of dilution and trimming the over-optimised on-page from so many sites.
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    I suggest you to not focus only one longtail keyword. Add others related keywords as well. Daily post article with your longtail keywords and let them to index by google. After 30 or so articles you will start getting ranking for some keywords. Once you see improvement start building links for these posts and keywords. 
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