error create email account from cpanel

TCSTCS indonesia
I just create an email from Cpanel, then put to GSA SER. here is my step by step:
1. add manual: my email  from CPANEL
2. i choose catch all 
3. find settings & port default 110
3. And then test the selected  email ( its was succesfull ).
4. And Now What should i do next to input: 

Pop 3 server: .....?
Login : .....?
Password: .....?

Because if i just klik OK its comes to pop up " Please fill the pop 3 data first"


  • SvenSven
    the pop3 details are something you need to fill in of course. A TEST without that will not reflect a whole test, it will simply skip not filled pop3 server lines.
    However cpanel lists that details for you.
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