Slow/Bugging Captchas?

So I'm a backlink builder from a company
I create around ~100 forum profiles projects per day and run them on GSA
I usually put my 100 projects to run all with 10 different catchall emails and using CB and 1Captchas at ~10AM (UTC -3)
By around 5pm (when I get from my other job) all my projects are already done with 135 verified links each one (paused on 135 verifieds)
Since yesterday I've been getting a problem
When I came home my projects had around 10-30 verifieds only and they still had 1000+ remaining target urls from my ~1200 targets list
I was receiving a lot of errors from 1captchas (" Error: undefined error message (probably down)")
I thought it was the last update (11.68) that caused this so I installed GSA SER 11.60

This morning my projects were done correctly using only another OCR captcha software (don't know if I can post the name)
I put the other ~100 to run using Captcha Breaker and went to work
When I came home now, the speed of GSA SER is still slow (most projects have 50-100 verifieds and I started getting a lot of errors from CB (that it wasn't responding/can't solve)
I closed CB again and started only sending captchas to 1Captchas
Looks like it's working but it's missing a lot of captchas I believe (my success rate is much lower)
A lot of captchas are being saved as successful by GSA SER but as I said my success rate is much lower and all projects are showing the " Error: undefined error message (probably down)"

Maybe it's my VPS bugging the captchas? It's a GSA bug or what?
I'm lost to what is causing this
I have to test but I don't think it's hapening on my other VPS with only Articles projects


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    There is no bug on this known for GSA products. If you already got that error message from your captch service, I would suspect it's really something on their end.
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