Q about links to moneysite.

I have been doing SEO for some time and have heard most of the basic blackhat do's and don'ts.

Currently I am building contextual web 2s to my moneysites.  And then using tiers or express indexer to get them indexed.  The problem is even though I am building on many seperate logins, Ahrefs and probably google seems to lump all blogs from a domain like wordpress into just one domain.  So I am not seeing the amount of referring domains build, although the number of links are building.

I see websites on page 1 of google with thousands of domains, I am not going to get that with web 2s, or even with pbns?  Should I blast the money sites with contextual do follow links from GSA?

I am not a full time SEO guy so I really don't want to build a pbn.  I have some old authority websites laying around, but they have been on the same IP as my moneysites.  Do they have any use?  Are subdomains on authority websites a good way to get new links?  Are there any good pbn sites that have networks I can rent space on?

Thanks for any help or advice.  I will check back.

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