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Article Manager #file_links

Hey guys, 
i think i found a small bug here and i wish you could kill it :) 
The problem is that after i use it to the body of the article it will STOP processing ANY other text that i add afterwards.
Ex. i add that in the Article Body:

Some extra text.

The result is only the 10 output lines from the #file_links.

Not working:
some extra text.

some extra text.

Hope you can fix that coz i really love this macro.

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Thats new to me and I can not reproduce this. Do you see it in aticle preview/test or real submission? A sample project backup would be nice.


  • I am sorry about that, is working.
    I had checked the "Shorten article" to 200 words and i guess that cause it to let out the bottom text.
  • SvenSven
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