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★★★ - Create Your Own Bots! ★★★

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Develop your own bots

With an awesome WYSIWYG interface, develop your own bots has never been so easy!

Discover our awesome features You just need few seconds to configure the behaviour of your bot! Tell us how many times a day you want to launch your bot, we just do it. Because your privacy is important, we use thousands of IPs! Everything is in the cloud, we take care of everything! The bot can do everything: click on links, fill forms, wait X seconds, press buttons, etc. You have detailed logs about what your bots are doing: screenhots, html code, etc.


Paypal/Bitcoin You can pay our monthly plans with Paypal or in Bitcoin!

Awesome support! Our Team is available to help you to configure your bot or answer any questions you could have!

Explode your visibility Thanks to, it's time to start to be really visible on the web!


What is the pricing Pricing is available on the order page, we only offer monthly subscriptions.

Do you hava refund Policy You may request a refund within 24 hours of your initial payment.

Is the traffic adsense safe? No, if you click adsense ads with your bots, you probably will get banned

Does this traffic count in Google Analytics? Yes.

How much traffic can I get per day? It depends of your plan.

Do I need proxies? No, we take care of this. :-)

Can the software click in a specific part of the site? Yes, you can configure eveything: click on a link, a button, an ad, etc.!

From where the visitors comes from? You can configure this for each bot. It may be USA, EU or World.



Want a 20% discount? Post "I want a 20% discount!" and I will send you a PM.


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