How long is it taking you to be page 1?

Yes it's a broad question, a lot of factors, strategies and methods involved which are ALL different.

But the question is, how long is it taking you to hit page 1?

Any competition, any site, any methods. Just curious at the moment.


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    3-4 weeks for decent 3 word keywords, maybe 2-3 months for 2 word ones (all actionable/buyer's intent kws) but as you said it's so broad. I generally don't do local SEO, more national or global based ones. My favourite recently has been commercial roofing/commercial roofing contractors but can't rank for emergency roofing repairs or many keywords where they're locally-based. Maybe I suck at local SEO then lol.
  • Yeah I do global also, just wanted to see people's timeframes on basically anything and see if its the same for everyone.
    I remember ranking page 1 in a week with a good auth multiniche.

    Lately I seem to get hard niches page 2/3 and then they bounce around those pages needing a push to page one. Not sure if it's time it needs or what yet.

    Be good to see different people's opinions on timeframes, although mostly everyone may be the same to be honest 3weeks+
  • @Anth20 I do mostly client-based SEO so I'm in no hurry :) I barely have time for my own sites but always go for the stupid-most-difficult industries with my own, so I'm in them for the long-run.
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    3-4 months, I'm in the pharmacy industry.
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    Affiliate sites, product keywords like 10-15 days.
  • @BigPer that's nice, anyone see anything rank sooner?
  • It us better to rank letter on and keep the rankings forever :)
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    Are you using PBNs? Web 2.0s? SER? And how are you indexing your links?

    @Anth20 fucked blackhat stuff off a few months back as I needed a break. I'm planning some small black hat things for next month or the month after to see how it goes.
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    Using dropped domains, small pbns, and SER, it takes me around 3-6 weeks. Anything past a month and a half means somethings wrong (Or your in a insanely competitive niche.)
  • @shaun alright mate goodluck

    @1linklist hmm, I started a new site in november, then a new one in december and then the one in december is doing a lot better, faster than the one in november.

    It's gaining a lot more auth also, whereas they are both ranking (same niches) the second one I done got to where the first one did a lot faster.

    These are very long wait times which makes me think exactly what you said, either somethings wrong or hard as fuck niches.

    Easier niches that I do tend to index quite close to page 1 once my site has authority and then about a week or 2 to page 1.

    Just bought a new domain the other day, done once again the same niches, wanna see if I can get faster and faster
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