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GoPBN: The #1 Rated PBN Hosting Platform in the World​​. Build 1,000 PBNs in under 5 Minutes!

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Hello Fellow GSA users!

After over a year of Research & Development, we are proud to bring you:

The Absolute Easiest way to Build a Private Blog Network aka PBN Hosting - The Right Way!

Some of you will remember us from the original UnGagged crew with Power Up Hosting. The same team who has brought you the highest rated hosting for SEO tools, is now proud to present our new flagship product:

GoPBN was built for the lazy and smart PBN builder in you. How many times have you considered building a PBN but stopped because its so damn time-consuming?

With a Traditional PBN you need to:

* Manage multiple logins for hosting companies
* Try multiple hosting companies until you land some good ones
* Manually check and ensure all your PBNs are on unique IP
* Try to deal with foreign hosts who cant understand you
* Beg hosting companies for different IPs
* Manage all kinds of logins (like WP Admin, databases, etc.)
* And many many more things

...Just to end up hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you manage all the madness, then firing them because you still can't manage it all...

You No Longer Need to go Through That!

With GoPBN, you will be able to build PBNs with:

* Different Web Hosting Providers (only the best)
* Different Cities, States, Countries, and Continents around the World.
* Different A-B-C Class IP Addresses
* A Natural Diversification of Hosting Elements
* Multiple and Diversified DNS Providers
* Multiple CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Ghost
And Many More Features

All with a Single Click of a Button!

Need to deploy 50 PBNs with WordPress? Done.

Need to Deploy 100 PBNs with Joomla? Done.

Need to Deploy 1000 PBN, All over the World, With Multiple Cloud Hosting Providers? With GoPBN, Its only 1 Click Away!

Not only that, every single one of our members gets the full benefits of having their PBNs backed by a trusted and proven hosting support team. We've been selling hosting since 2012.

In addition to the awesome GoPBN Cloud Hosting Panel, you will get access to:

* True 24x7x365 Tech Support
* A Continuously Improving GUI
* SEO Tools and Analytics built into the panel *(coming very soon)
* Free Updates on the Platform
* Customized PBN Plans for your specific needs
* Flexible Billing
* Continuous Daily Backups
* Network Security by Experts
* Automated Performance Optimization
* And Much More

And Guess What? It will NOT Cost you an Arm & a Leg

Click Here for Plans and Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is My price Locked In if I purchase this Now?

Will my price change after next month, next year, next 10 years?
-No, no, NO! - It will be the same, every month, guaranteed! (unless you upgrade of course)

What if I want a custom configuration?
Contact Us Here:

Where are my websites hosted?
We use only the top web hosting companies in the world such as Amazon, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Azure, etc.

How many locations do you have?
We have servers all over the world, and we add servers on a daily basis. For an up to date list, click here

Which DNS Providers do you use?
We use the top DNS providers, and also DNS from some of our cloud hosting companies. We update the DNS provider pool at least once per month. For an up to date list, click here

How many IP addresses do you have?
We have thousands of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses available.

What kind of websites can I host at GoPBN?
You can host any quality PBN or even your normal Blogs, as long as it is not related to: Gambling, Adult (xxx), Pharmaceutical, Scams, Hate Speech or Crimes, etc. Basically, anything illegal as per the US Federal Law. (since we are a United States Corporation)

Do you have any information about starting a PBN?
Absolutely, please visit and bookmark the following:

Our Blog:

Our Youtube Channel:

Our Facebook Page:

Our Knowledgebase:

Who are the people behind GoPBN? What are their qualifications?
Click here to get the full scoop:

I have like 10,000 more questions, how do I get in touch with you?
Easy. Go on Live Chat on our website or hit us up at our FB Page.


What are you waiting for? Let us help you build a 1000 blog PBN within the next 5 minutes 

Click Here for Plans and Pricing

Thanks for reading and Enjoy!

-The GoPBN Team
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